Hand Sanitizer Gel and Spray 

70%  & 80% alcohol formula 

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Complete Custom, Design & Development

We Provide A Blank Canvas To “The Art of Natural Skin”

Atmosphere Essentials Laboratories is a 100% Certified Organic and Natural Skin Care Manufacturer located in NYC. Here at AE Labs, our highly skilled organic chemists produce extensive lines of lavish organic skin care products made from the highest grades of pure and remarkable target healing essential oils, highly effective raw botanicals, and all naturally derived proven skin and hair elixir formulas to create organic skin care masterpieces unlike any others seen on the market today

For 19 years, we have perfected our organic skin care manufacturing craft, yielding us the edge it takes to create highly effective skin and hair care regimens for our customers, putting them leaps in front of their competitors in the beauty world.    



Bottle Filling


We can fill all type bottles in a wide variety of sizes from 1 ounces to 5 gallons for products such as shampoos, soaps, cleaners, liquid, cream, toners, and more.... 



Our bottling lines are capable of speeds in excess of 75 bottles per minute.  Our auto cap capabilities range from 10 mm to 120 mm in diameter and the dosage cap stations run from 10 mm to 60 mm.  Our lines also include capabilities such as induction seal, shrink sleeve with shrink tunnel, two sided labels and horizontal side seal shrink wrap. 



Bottles can be custom labeled, shrink wrapped and boxed.

Getting Started


To learn more about how Atmosphere Essentials Laboratories can help you increase product sales with your very own Customized Skin Care or Hair Care Line, please contact us at:

(718) 608-9880 - (718) 356-0500



               Frida Khalo Skin Care

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           Atmosphere Essentials

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               Frida Khalo Skin Care

               Fox Buissnes News

           Atmosphere Essentials

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Atmosphere Essentials 

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